7 Gomti Chakras

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Gomti Chakra

Gomati Chakras are small, round stones with spiral lines on them, resembling the Sudarshan Chakra, a legendary weapon of Lord Vishnu. They are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and protection to the person who possesses them. Additionally, they are often used in various rituals and ceremonies in Hindu traditions, including worshipping deities and performing certain remedies.

In astrology, Gomati Chakras are associated with the planet Mercury and are believed to have the power to nullify the malefic effects of Mercury in one's horoscope. As a result, they are sometimes worn as talismans or kept in homes or workplaces for protection and positive energy.

Due to their perceived spiritual significance, Gomati Chakras are often sought after by devotees and collectors alike. They are sometimes used in jewelry or kept in puja rooms (places of worship) as a symbol of divine blessings and spiritual energy.



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