Maha Lakshmi Ghee

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Maha Lakshmi Ghee is used for Abundance, Money, Wealth and Prosperity


How to use :

1: Burn this ghee using cotton wicks in a brass diya(compulsory) every Friday in your house temple/altar or everyday in your work premises/office.

2: Apply on Venus mount of your palm (area under the thumb) everyday.


Benefits of using Maha Lakshmi Ghee :

1. Attracts wealth and abundance
2. Improves overall energy and vibrations of the place 
3. Removes financial blockages
4. Attracts more opportunities 
5. Brings prosperity 


    Quantity :

    50 grams


    Contents :

    50 gram jar of Maha Lakshmi desi ghee


    Disclaimer :

    Maha Lakshmi Ghee is specifically for Puja purpose and should NOT be consumed.




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